Who is Hex Kitten?

The Hex Kitten Manifesto

A Hex Kitten knows how to raise the vibrations of any space: late summer blossoms on thundery days, freshly ground coffee to kick retrograde blues, handmade orgonite in every window and selenite in each corner.

A Hex Kitten converses creatively with the Universe using a rich lexicon of personal symbology: delicate signs at the bottoms of teacups, painted patterns on cards and charts, offbeat objects placed conspicuously at crossroads. She fluently speaks this subtle language instrumental in decoding vital cosmic communications.

Hi, I’m Fairlie, Art Witch and Space Oracle!

I’m a New York based artist and astrologer. I’ve trained in illustration and design, and despite taking time off to dabble in pastry, hairstyling, and a whole lot of makeup artistry, I received my BFA from the School of Visual Arts.

I’ve always been obsessed with magic. When I was seven years old, my grandmother gave me a tarot deck which I studied for over a decade before beginning my professional practice nearly a decade ago! I’m also a practicing witch, specializing in green magic, kitchen witchery, and planetary energies. Today, I primarily work with clients in astrology, using their natal charts to help them navigate the world around them and find their personal place in the universe. Combining transit reports, synastry, symbolism, and synchronicity, I make recommendations on personal rituals, energies to work with, and meditations to clear out the old and make way for the new. 

Hex Kitten is my way to combine all my interests and bring you the most empowering experience magic can offer. Each month, I work with the upcoming astrological transits to find the most beneficial energies and create a talisman to help you grow and thrive. Each talisman doubles as a piece of wearable art for you to enjoy for years after the transit is complete! In time, I hope to expand Hex Kitten’s line of eBooks and printed workbooks to include a monthly magical guide to enhance your understanding and evolution.

You can find me on Instagram and Facebook @hexkittenclub for sneak peaks and daily inspiration. Artists and witches looking to collaborate can email me at fairlie [at] hexkitten [dot] club

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