The Beast You Made – Antimony Blue Perfumes

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You hunger for freedom. The desire consumes you, burning like a fire in your core, annihilating everything in its way. The only way to put it out is to run. The wind that whips against your eyes and mouth, the damp earth that cradles your feet, they alone can calm the flames that scorch your wild heart. Each step melts away your imposed gentility, the sweet, resinous air pulling away toxic memories of human servitude as you exhale. You are a force of nature and you will not be tamed again.

Forests of birch trees and evergreens, carpeted with thick green mosses and hung with the misty, electric haze of a summer thunder storm. Tart red fruits and sweet yellow berries cut the fog like lightening, melting against something alive and warm. This blend contains rainbow moonstone to strengthen our ties to the natural world, awaken long-forgotten intuitions, and soothe the wild beast within.

Inspired by sight and sound and infused with intention, every Antimony Blue oil is designed to bring art and inspiration to your life. This listing is for one (1) 5ml bottle of fragrance. All Antimony Blue fragrances contain chips of genuine crystal and come packaged in 5ml cobalt blue glass bottles fitted with orifice reducers to prevent spillage.

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