Space Witch Star Guide: the Sun

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Whether you’re brand new to astrology or totally familiar with your chart, you know your sun sign. But what does it really mean?

Much like its role in the solar system, the Sun illuminates your chart. It represents your conscious mind, your will, your creative energy, and your life force. In many ways, it represents your ego and personality, the light you shine on the world around you.

Using the information and wisdom of evolutionary astrology, the Space Witch Star Guides lead you down a path of self-discovery. Designed for every level of experience, this workbook gives you valuable tools to decode your natal chart using over 40 pages thoughtful journal prompts, conversational essays, and invaluable cheat sheets.Your sun is just a piece of the puzzle. Astrology is a complex field, fully equipped to explain your complex thoughts and behaviors. In the Space Witch Star Guide workbook series, we unpack all the pieces and start to build a full picture of not only your natal chart, but also of you, your inner world, and the way you navigate life.The Sun: I Am is a perfect place to begin your journey into astrology. Stay tuned for further workbooks in the Space Witch Star Guide series!


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