1-on-1 Personal Mercury Retrograde AstroCoaching

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Retrogrades can be sticky—there’s so much temptation to slide into old habits, toxic patterns, and engage in destructive behaviors. But when used correctly, Retrogrades are a valuable time for reflection, a time to regroup and restrategize.
Hex Kitten AstroCoaching is a unique opportunity to take control of the planets and make your transits work for you. Together, we’ll decode the messages of your natal Mercury and determine how to balance its influence in your life. We’ll figure out what the retrograde means for you and how you can stay on track—and even move forward—while the planet moves backwards. With four personal hour-long video chat sessions during each week of the retrograde and the post-retrograde shadow, we’ll tackle the astrological challenges, keep track of your personal goals, and deep-dive exactly where the retrograde affects your chart and how to keep it from controlling your life!

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Package Includes:

  • 1 transit reading and strategizing session (1 Hour via FaceTime or Skype)
  • 2 Retrograde Check-Ins to work through challenges and stay on track (2x 1 Hour via FaceTime or Skype)
  • 1 transit reading and tie-up session during the post-retrograde shadow (1 Hour via FaceTime or Skype)
Over $650 in value!


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