Dressed in Black – Antimony Blue Perfumes

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The world is wide open, a tangle of highways punctuated by corner cafes and cheap dives. Every day is a brand new adventure, and you collect each one as a story to tell. Asphalt and caffeine by day, the dazzle of stage lights and whiskey by night, for months at a time–the road is your home. As long as you stick together, your band of nomads wanderers, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dressed in Black is a special blend, an olfactory memory reimagined–the scent of whiskey and clove cigarettes lingering on leather jackets, smokey gunpowder and bay rum cologne, strong black coffee and toasted almond biscotti, all layered over a base of rich dark chocolate. Genuine red jasper chips imbues this blend with grounding and courage.

Please note: This fragrance was part of a limited release, and labeling varies from other Antimony Blue varieties. Listing is for one (1) 5ml bottle of fragrance.

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