Dreams to Sell – Antimony Blue Perfumes

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Your dreams speak to you. Not in tongues like human creatures, but in rich imagery, bright colours and symbols. Lizards in gowns with eyes like oranges, donning top hats of feathers and turkey bones. Girls become wolves and run free through forests, while fierce eagles fight black jaguars in school hallways. Everything is cyclical. Things that are new grow old, things that are bright will fade, and all will flow seamlessly into each other, like waves breaking on the shore.

A cool, green tidal wave, replete with fresh herbs, aquatic flowers, and oceanic musks, topped with bright peppermint and exotic açai berry. Infused with sodalite to bring tranquility to unconscious thoughts and encourage mental clarity and stability.

Inspired by sight and sound and infused with intention, every Antimony Blue oil is designed to bring art and inspiration to your life. This listing is for one (1) 5ml bottle of fragrance. All Antimony Blue fragrances contain chips of genuine crystal and come packaged in 5ml cobalt blue glass bottles fitted with orifice reducers to prevent spillage.

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