The Tragedy of Dreaming & the Trauma of Pisces Season

Pisces Season is tough. For years, I blamed the fact that the majority of my planets crammed into Sagittarius squared off with the Pisces Sun (with the added real-world bonus of cold weather, dull light, and lack of holidays), but it has more to do with the actual sign of Pisces than it does with any personal placement. 

When we think about Pisces, we often think about the ethereal, the surreal. People with strong Pisces placements seem like faeries, nymphs, with one foot barely on the ground while the other steps across the veil. They’re addictive because they weave fantasies around their every action and we all want to be a part of their story. Everything with Pisces feels fated. 

Pisces is a water sign, and even with all its mutability, that water still runs deep. There’s a lot more to the sign than we tend to see on the surface. To understand what hides beneath, however, we need to look at the nature of astrology itself. 

The twelve signs of the zodiac are arranged in a wheel, a structure echoed by the natal chart with its twelve house structure. While we designate a beginning and an end, the circular structure contains no breaks and repeats in aeternum. Because of this, we tend to lose the gravity of Pisces Season—it becomes just another emotional, watery season rather than the astrological Year’s End that it is. In reality, it’s the end of a cycle, of a journey, a place where we are unraveled to become what’s next. It’s an undoing. 

Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces, is a complicated planet. In many ways it’s a higher octave of Venus: inspirational, beautiful, empathetic, intuitive. But its size complicates things and its gravitational force is much higher than that of Venus—left on its own, Neptune consumes, dissolves, ebbs. It makes sense then that its sign is one of untethering.

The Modern World encourages us to dream. We are urged to turn those dreams into reality, constructing complicated structures to hold us at the heights we aspire to. But inevitably, we have dreams that do not become real, that remain “what-ifs” and “somedays.” We have dreams that drain us of joy and fill us with shame, that make us feel like failures for our inability to see them through. We have dreams that cease being a comfort and start becoming stress. And we have dreams that patch up deep wounds to our psyche, that prevent us from fully healing. This is the tragedy of dreaming in the 21st Century. And this is the trauma of Pisces Season. 

In addition to the seasonal depression, the bad weather, the cabin fever, winter’s end becomes a time to face unrealized dreams, to sift through and make peace with things which never happened. We’re asked to close a chapter, to consciously end a journey. Pisces Season isn’t about the pursuit of our dreams: instead, we’re asked to put old dreams to sleep. It’s a quiet surrender to undoing. Rather than building upon our dreams as the world has encouraged us to do, we hold them gently in our hands as the tides of Neptune dissolve them and carry them away. 

If this sounds irredeemably tragic, it is. Water signs inspire deep emotions and we’re meant to feel our way through this process. However, life is cyclical and the wheel keeps spinning—endings are followed by beginnings. Just like the snow moistens the ground for bulbs to sprout, the Endings of Pisces Season clear space for new growth. When all is said and done, we’re met with the astrological New Year, a time for intention setting and creative exploration. If we do not surrender the old, we cannot nurture the new. 

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Images by Robert McGinnis

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