A Spoonful of Sugar: Sugar Bowl Spell to Attract Clients and Build Business

Sugar may be a hot topic in nutrition, but it’s rich in magical potential. In many folk traditions, sugar is used to sweeten a person or situation. Honey jars can be made to capture the affections of a potential lover, sugar shakers can stoke the flames of a dying relationship—because these were typically made with materials already found in the kitchen, they were covert, easy to hide, and just as easy to slip into an unsuspecting target’s coffee. 

I know. That’s manipulation! That violates free will! That’s black magic! Whatever your morals, witches have been using sugar for more than just baking for centuries. 

But sugar isn’t just for love magic. Because sugar sweetens, it can be used in any situation where the objective is gaining favor: court cases, acquiring homes, family quarrels, and drawing money. In fact, if you work in any type of sales, freelance, or service position, you might want to consider keeping a sugar bowl for better business. 

Last weekend, during the Leo Lunar Eclipse, I led a group of witches in building a sugar bowl to attract clients, bring in business, and sweeten your public image. It was a day of claiming power and visibility, so we performed this spell on a Sunday, but depending on your career, you may want to set aside a Thursday or Saturday to perform this spell on your own. 


  • A sugar bowl (I bought this glass bowl at the local charity thrift for $0.75, but if you have a sugar bowl sitting in your dish cabinet it works just as well!)
  • 4-6 oz of white sugar 
  • Various herbs aligned with your intention
  • A pink or green candle

A note: Magic is incredibly personal. Spells are not like recipes that must be followed exactly—unlike a cake that falls without proper leavening, you can easily add or remove ingredients to magic without worrying about the outcome. This is my personal outline, but it can easily be adapted for your purposes. 

Clean your sugar bowl. Any time I prepare materials for spiritual work, I add cologne to the water—in this case, I used Kananga Water, made with ylang ylang and cinnamon, after washing the bowl with soap and water. Carefully dry the bowl and set it in a sacred space.

Fill the bowl with a few ounces of sugar. This is the base of the spell. While you pour, reflect on the physical properties of sugar: the way it floods your mouth with sweetness, the beautiful crystalline structure, the way it sparkles in the light. These are the properties you’re harnessing in your work—your clients are dazzled by your sweetness, your beauty, and your light. Stir the sugar gently. You may be compelled to taste it—remember, this sugar represents you, so the desire to become one with it is natural. 

Cinnamon adds passion and heat, as well as general luck and prosperity. I prefer cinnamon sticks to stir my sugar, representing a sense of excitement and urgency for my clients. 

Lavender is used to bring harmony and happiness, assuring client satisfaction. It also keeps the magic from being too forceful, even for those sensitive to its influence.

Allspice berry brings luck in business and easy money. 

Basil brings happiness and prosperity into a home, insuring money always flows and needs are always met.

Licorice root can change opinions and open minds.

Catnip is a magnet, attracting admiration, wealth, love, and captures attention like absolutely nothing else.

Coffee can be added to any spell to speed up the work.

Raspberry Leaf brings feminine strength to a work and adds a degree of permanence, sealing in the magic.

All of the above ingredients are food safe and can be used to prepare teas, coffees, meals, or desserts if your kitchen witch inclinations compel you. If you don’t foresee yourself having entertaining potential clients or just feel like that treads that line of manipulation, you can add a dash of gold glitter to add glamour and sparkle, a reminder that you are golden. 

Give your bowl a stir to incorporate the herbs into the sugar. Remember the attributes of the herbs you’ve added are all ready inherent in your nature—you’re just calling them to the surface. If your bowl has a flat lid, you can place it back on the bowl and fix your candle to the top. If your bowl has a handle or knob, you can place the candle in the sugar so it stands upright. Light the candle and allow it to burn, watching the flame. I personally like to read my wax for indications of the outcome but it’s not necessary. When the candle burns down, you can dig it out of the sugar and respectfully dispose of it or simply use it to fix another candle to the top of your lid. 

Typically, sugar spells are worked multiple times a week. I personally burn a new candle in the bowl every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday for business, using it to charge my business cards in the meantime. If you use a particular pen or notepad to jot down your information for clients or have any type of handouts—matchbooks, pamphlets, newsletters—place them under or around the bowl while you work. You can also add a pinch of the sugar mixture to your wallet or card case (just make sure it stays dry!) or sew it into a charm bag to keep on you while you meet with potential clients. 

All photos taken by Kristin Ulmer. Thank you to the amazing Leo Queen Mary Reed for hosting this event, and to everyone who participated!

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