Planets for Personal Style: Building a Wardrobe from Your Chart

A couple weeks ago I caved and watched Marie Kondo’s Netflix series. I’ve known for a long time that I was in desperate need of some decluttering: over my lifetime I’ve acquired so much stuff. Some of it–books and cards and art supplies–are incredibly useful and end up handled every single day, but others (namely clothing) sit in closets forgotten for years at a time. I know I need to tame it in order to live a little more mindfully. Yesterday I took the first step, addressing the most stagnant energy in my apartment: my closet.

Almost every article I’ve ever purchased was done so with an image in mind. Clothing has transformative properties, and I’m absolutely guilty of buying pieces because of who I could be when I wear them–and then never finding an occasion to do so. I have too many pieces I’ve only worn once, and even more that are difficult to wear because of traumatic experiences I associate with them. Since everything has an energetic signature, the KonMari “spark joy” method seems like a natural solution to my clothing affliction but separating image from feeling is more difficult than I imagined!

My Aries Jupiter coming out in bold prints and bright colour

It was also surprising to find a number of pieces I thought would spark joy that left me feeling totally flat, often practical staple pieces I wear often. Astrologically I tend to advocate dressing for your Venus but most of my Capricorn clothing seemed to make the purge pile before anything else! What was left? Soft, flowing pieces in soothing colours and smooth fabrics, vintage prints, and a whole lot of lingerie-as-clothing. But which planet dictates my choices?

My Virgo Moon in soft fabrics and classic patterns

When it comes to joy, there are a few planets we could look to:

The Sun, the ruler of vitality and personality, is the obvious choice. The Sun represents your highest expression of self, the person you aspire to be as well as the person you project yourself as. Dressing for the Sun encourages you to be your brightest, most lively self and embody the highest qualities of your personalities.

The Moon, which establishes our emotional equilibrium and inner sense of self, can be tapped to bring a sense of serenity and comfort. Pieces that resonate with your Moon will feel soothing and refreshing and allow you to express yourself in a way that feels gentle and natural.

Mars, the planetary mover and shaker, tells us how we move through life. Taking style cues from your Mars will allow you to carve out a place in the world, make bold moves, and assert yourself in ways you may not under other planetary influences. Mars also rules active sexuality, so Mars could be especially helpful in planning date night options!

Jupiter rules our growth and vision, and dressing for your Jupiter placement can encourage self-development and expansion. It can also increase your influence on the world around you–since Jupiter also embodies your inner teacher, a Jovial approach to style can increase your gravitational pull on others.

Dressing my Scorpio Mars in sheer layers and visible lingerie

Staring down my unexpected new wardrobe, I had to wonder–which planet was guiding my choices? While my Capricorn Venus used to steer me towards structured jackets and fitted skirts, I began to see a lot of my earthy Virgo Moon in multi-use satin camisoles and classically cut floral dresses. My Scorpio Mars spoke loud and clear through lacy black bodysuits and strappy lingerie while my Aries Jupiter commands attention with bold prints and look-at-me sequins. And maybe my magpie Sagittarius Sun is content with the eclectic mix everything else brings to the table.

What planet do you dress for? Are you a comfort-loving Moon wardrober? A bold, powerful Martial dresser? Do you stick with tried-and-true Venus, or do you venture a little farther into the solar system for your style? Tell me in the comments below, or snap a photo in your favourite astrological outfit and tag #hexkittenclub on Instagram!

3 thoughts on “Planets for Personal Style: Building a Wardrobe from Your Chart

  1. Oof, this comes around the right time, as usual. At the moment I have no idea and I decided somewhat unconscious to have a clothing no-buy. I used to work in two seasons. Winter: black/white, powerjackets, suits and blazer dresses. Spring/summer: Marie-Antoinette Ballet-inspired with an edge: pastel metallic bikerjackets or something similar. Always included: lace and pearls.

    But there’s something off lately, I’ve been lazy style-wise and I’m not sure what works and what doesn’t emotionally. I kinda consider to follow both my Mars in Leo and Venus in Leo a bit more because for now: I’m so BORED with myself right now! I’ve signed up for burlesque fitness and slowly but surely getting back in ballet again, and I’m looking around for aerial and poledancing but most classes down here are full. I don’t know, I think I have to feel better in my skin first before the big fashion declutter starts.

    I don’t know, I’m probably the Neurotic Mom-friend who wants to party die-hard yet want all the fuckers to know not to mess with me. :’)

    1. As a Cancer sun, I’m not surprised to hear there’s a lot of lace and pearls in your wardrobe but with so much Leo you might want to explore some bolder pieces that throw you into the spotlight, or explore your Jupiter to help you expand your horizons!

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