Hex Kitten Club Saturnalia Ritual 2018

Balance your productivity and passion this winter with a special Saturnalia ritual!

Our society is distinctly Saturnine, valuing productivity and output above all else; we feel the constant push to do, be, and achieve more. As the taskmaster of the stars, Saturn rules our career, status, and the structures that surround us. Saturn returned home to Capricorn in December of last year, hailing in a full overhaul of our lives: a year later, it’s time to survey the site and take control of the next steps!

Saturnalia was the liveliest festival in Ancient Rome, despite its strict patron. It’s said that the statue of Saturn was kept in bondage all year except for Saturnalia, when his ties were removed to allow him to join the fun! On December 16th, we honor Saturn with a ritual of lights and ask him to bring creativity and passion to our work.

The ritual will begin by discussing Saturn’s influence on our lives, the challenges he presents, and the rewards he offers, all through the lens of your personal natal chart. We will create sigils for work-life balance and carve handmade candles to be charged during the ceremony. After a special Saturn spread card reading for the group, we will petition Saturn for our desires and release our restrictions from the last year. Finally, we will make an offering to Saturn and enjoy a balancing herbal tea and ritual cakes (complete with a game of chance straight out of Saturnalia tradition). All participants will leave with a personalized candle and ritual bundle to complete after the Winter Solstice.

All ritual materials will be provided, handmade with care and magical attention by me. I ask for a $25 donation to cover the costs and offer you the most magical experience possible. This ritual will be held at Hex Kitten Headquarters in Amityville, New York, easily accessible by train off the Babylon line of the LIRR. Email fairlie@hexkitten.club with any questions.

Saturnalia Ritual

December 16, 2018
2PM – 4PM
Hex Kitten Headquarters
$25 donation for materials and Hex Kitten Ritual Bundle
accepted by Venmo @hexkittenclub
Address and contact number will be emailed upon RSVP

NOTE: We will be discussing Saturn’s role in the natal chart by sign and house placement. If you are not familiar with your natal Saturn placement, click here to get a copy of your birth chart. If you don’t know your birth time, you can still find your Saturn sign, but not your house placement. Email fairlie@hexkitten.club and we can do a little light reconstruction!

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